Our Llamas

Our Llamas
 Male Llamas

Argentine Zane

Fathers Name=Argentine DeTroit
Mothers Name=Argentine Zari

   not for sale
Argentine Frappuccino

Fathers Name=Argentine Zapata
Mothers Name=Argentine DeAtras

Argentine Frap as he is known to us was a winner as soon as he hit the ground. His fiber has won Grand and Reserve last year (2012) at the Heartlland Llama show. His disposition is quiet and he has shown very well for us. We hope to have him settle his first female this spring. Looking for great offspring with Frappuccino as their father.

   not for sale
Argentine Lucchese

Fathers Name=Argentine Taylor Made
Mothers Name=Argentine Carmalinda

Argentine Lucchese is a happy cria with great facial markings. Sadly his father, Argentine Taylor Made, passed last year with the heat, but left a legacy we will enjoy with Lucchese. He is grey/brown and showed last year in the ring. He is co-owned with Lynda Carothers.
   not for sale
Argentine DaVinci

Fathers Name=Argentine Poltergeist
Mothers Name=Argentine Tiana

Argentine DaVinci has great lineage with Arg Poltergeist, Machi, and Pampita as his parents and grandparents. He truly is beautiful to gaze at with his combination of colors. Last year was his first year in the ring and he did quite well. His fiber received a reserve grand champion and he only was 1 year old. We expect great things from this young male.
   not for sale
Argentine Marcels Michaelangelo

Fathers Name=Argentine Marcel
Mothers Name=Argentine Helena

Argentine Marcel\'s Michaelangelo is a gorgeous portrait in our fields. He came with presence and has glorius colored fiber. His top line is straight, he is very gentle and shy at times. He is the first offspring of Argentine Helena and a sure winner who we will keep for our future.
   not for sale