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Our Llamas
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Argentine Oso

Fathers Breed=Argentine Frappuccino
Mothers Breed=Argentine Zeva

Argentine Oso is a big boy born at 32# he was off at the start. He has soft fiber and a gentle spirit. His mother Argentine Zeva is a first time mother and his father Argentine Frappuccino has few babes on the ground. Frappuccino has glorious fiber and was Grand Reserve in fiber a few years ago.
Argentine Ali

Fathers Breed=Argentine DaVinci
Mothers Breed=Argentine Plateado

Argentine Ali is a fighter like Muhammad Ali. Born in June his mother initially struggled with milk so he was bottle fed for a week off and on. He is now a strong young male and very gentle. His flowing fiber is from his grandfather Argentine Poltergeist. He will be a stunner. He has Argentine Don Zunca but in the fourth generation.
Argentine Thor

Fathers Breed=Argentine Blanco Chico
Mothers Breed=Argentine Sombra

Argentine Thor was a mystery baby. Born to Argentine Sombra, a second generation Argentine llama in the United States, who is 19 years old but still a great mother. We had decided not to breed her any longer, but she had other ideas. His father is Argentine Blanco Chico and this is his first offspring. He has very wavy hair like his father and going to be a good herd sire.
Argentine Raphael

Fathers Breed=Argentine DaVinci
Mothers Breed=Argentine Helena

Raphael is high spirited and nosy. Great confirmation and fiber. His father Argentine DaVinci throws a lot of color and his mother Argentine Helena possesses good thick fiber without crimp. His white fiber is strong thoughout his coloring,
Argentine Carpintero

Fathers Breed=Argentine DeTroit
Mothers Breed=Argentine Zoe